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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


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frontpage “Science” dinamo ... and solar energy

Antonio Pacinotti is well known as the inventor of the dynamo, but very few people know that he also carried out research and conducted  experiments about the use of solar heat as a source of energy.
Some of these experiments were conducted in the historic Villa di Caloria (next to our holiday farm), where the Pacinotti family used to spend their holidays.

The best way to pay homage to the memory of the great scientist was to put into practice what he  affirmed as long ago as 1867 :

 “ The great force of nature on the earth, which man has so far done nothing to make use of, but which has partly  revealed itself in natural processes as the energy source on our planet, is solar heat”.


These days technology is too often turned into violence against nature - and therefore against mankind itself- even if  man has the knowledge and the means to make use of what nature provides without seriously damaging the environment. The aim of the present owner of the holiday farm, himself a descendant of Pacinotti, has always been to do whatever possible to combine technology with concern for the environment. To this end, he has installed photovoltaic panels for electricity, solar panels for heating and hot water, and a boiler fuelled with wooden pellets for extra heating in winter. In addition, the roof of the farmhouse is provided with an air circulation system , so that the place is cooled naturally in summer and no use is made of air conditioners.


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