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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


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If you are visiting this website  you will  probably be curious to learn more about this place…

“This is a little paradise!”we often hear our guests say when they first come here. And  my wife and I felt the same emotion when,  newly  married, we  first came to the villa to visit our dearest Aunt Maria Rosa, the granddaughter of one of the great scientist’s brothers.

We loved this place so much that it changed  our lives, and when my aunt became too old to manage the estate I decided to take over.

Eventually, I became the owner of the farm and, following the old family tradition of hospitality, I decided  I would share the fascination of this place not only with family and friends but also with travellers seeking some secluded spot that is the real Tuscany.

Located only a few minutes by car from the city of Pistoia, the farm is surrounded by centuries-old olive groves. The estate is like a fantastic  terrace overlooking the town and the surrounding plain. The quiet of the countryside, only broken by  the twitter of birds, the rustle of the  olive trees leaves, the sound of  crickets and the chirping of cicadas in summer, is an inducement to rest and enjoy your leisure: it  helps you to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life which sometimes hangs over our holidays .

There is nothing better than taking a break under the  sun umbrellas in the yard, or relaxing in the shade of the old pittosforum or  the massive oak tree on one side of the villa, or  sitting under the pergola and enjoying pleasant conversation while drinking a glass of good Tuscan wine. At the end of the day, the large comfortable beds in your apartment will ensure a good night’s sleep that will restore your body and spirit.

What makes this place unique, moreover, is its connection with the memory of the famous scientist Antonio Pacinotti, who spent a great part of his life at the villa , which he cherished more than any other place. The great rooms still retain memories of him and his family, and you can observe furniture, objects and instruments dating back to the time when he lived here.

We have undertaken the task of carefully preserving these memories and through them telling  about this great scientist whose invention had the merit, maybe not fully acknowledged, of starting the era of electricity.


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